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Parent Voice

We know that in order to get the very best outcomes for our children, strong relationships with parents are vital. We frequently survey parents to find out what you think. This is a valuable way to review the systems and process that we have in place in school, and ensure that we are on a continuous circle of improvement. 

Survey - October 2022

Thank you to all the parents who completed the survey in October 2022. We had lots of positive feedback and also areas that you would like us to consider for improvement. There were some recurring themes in the feedback, and these are detailed below. 

School Strengths:

  • 98% of parents surveyed told us that their children are happy at school.
  • 93% of parents surveyed felt that their child is currently achieving well at Dove Bank.
  • Many parents referenced the supportive, warm and approachable staff team that we have in school.
  • Parents have noticed that, since September 2022, the whole school communication has been much improved; parents gave the weekly bulletin, visible leadership and our Facebook page as examples.
  • Parents tell us that the school has a good community feel.
  • Our breakfast club provision.
  • The range of after school clubs that we offer. 

Areas for Consideration:

  • Parents feel that we could better inform them about how their child is doing. We are in the process of ensuring that this happens across the school year. To began with, in October, we will hold a parents' evening where parents will have pace to face meetings with their child's class teacher. This will be an opportunity to discuss where they currently are and how we are supporting them in school - it will also be an opportunity to discuss how you can help them at home. 
  • Parents would like to see the children involved in more opportunities to join sporting events and compete across schools. We completely agree with this. We have started to compete in a cross-school cross-country competition - we have attended other schools and are also hosting an event here. We have a football team and are due to play in a league later this term. We are in discussion with the local sports' partnership to get more involved in the events that take place. 
  • Improve the School website. If you are reading this - then you have found our new school website! We hope that you are finding this one more user-friendly than the previous site. 
  • Communication between the Class teacher and Parent. We are looking into online platforms that will best facilitate this communication. Currently, we have communication through home/school reading diaries, emails and face to face contact at the door. 

We are, and will continue, to strive to be the very best that we can be. We welcome feedback, and we do our best to act upon it if necessary. Some parents have been into school to discuss their views directly with Mrs Dakin. If this is something that you would like to do, please email and an appointment can be arranged.