Year 1 visit Fairways Garden Centre, Ashbourne

Year 1 visited Fairways Garden Centre near Ashbourne on 29th June.  It took about an hour to get there and the children thoroughly enjoyed the coach journey looking at the different scenery while travelling.

On arrival we were instantly made to feel very welcome and we put our lunches in a quaint building were we would be having lunch.

Debbie our gardener for the day showed us round the outdoor area and explained the different types of plants, such as alpines, climbers, roses, fruit trees and bedding plants both hardy and annual.  She informed us that different plants need different types of soil and some plants come back year after year and some only last a year.  After that we went to the edible plant area and smelt and tasted different herbs and then on to the different vegetables.   Debbie was very impressed with the facts that the children knew and also the interesting questions that she endeavored to answer.

The children were also keen to look at the other garden features and tools, such as the water features, forks and spades.   Before leaving everyone was fascinated by the seed section and we bought cress seeds for the children to independently grow in our own class garden centre.   The cress has now grown so have a look at the photographs!

“I love all the different colour of the beautiful flowers.” said LH

“I can’t believe the cress has grown. We must be good at gardening.”  said WB