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We are currently in the consultation phase of the implementation of our revised RSE curriculum.

We have been working on our relationships and sex education (RSE) curriculum to ensure that it meets the government’s requirements, as well as the needs of our pupils.

We’ve worked hard to make sure that our new curriculum reflects

  • our pupils’ age and maturity levels, as well as their cultural and religious backgrounds
  • the values of our school community
  • every pupil’s learning needs
  • and what pupils need to know to be healthy and safe in school, in their personal relationships and in the wider world.

We’ve now updated our RSE policy to include our proposed new curriculum, and it can be downloaded below. Further details on the curriculum content will be shared at our information evening.

We are holding an information evening on Tuesday 7th May at 4:30 to share the resources that we will be using with the children along with the books that will be used as a focus of our ‘No Outsiders’ work.

Please note that this is a parent only event. The content that will be shared is age appropriate for year groups and will not be shared with children not in that year group, or before the lesson is delivered. We would encourage you to attend if possible as you will have a greater awareness of what is being taught, and when. If you are unable to get childcare, we will ensure that there is some provision available to look after the children in school.

We welcome your thoughts and feedback on this, either via email: or in person at our information evening on Tuesday 7th May.