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Year 4 Curriculum

   2019-2020 Autumn 1


Autumn 2


Spring 1


Spring 2


Summer 1


Summer 2


Topic Why is London such a cool place to live? What would you have done after school 100 years ago? Why are rivers so important to their cities? Why is 1066 a famous date in history? Why were the Romans so powerful?

(texts/fiction & non-fiction writing)

The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane

Information Texts (newspapers/leaflets)

Losing Tales

Robin Hood

Explanation Texts (chronological reports)

Quest Tales


The Firework Makers Daughter

Persuasive letters

Warning tales


Diary recounts

Defeating the Monster tales

Escape from Pompeii

Persuasive adverts

Tales of Fear

The Orchard Book of Roman Myths

Journalistic recounts

Finding Tales

Numeracy Place value

Addition & Subtraction

Multiplication and Division

Length, Perimeter & Area

Place value

Multiplication and Division






Addition & Subtraction (revisit)

Place value (revisit)

Geometry (shape, position, direction)


(including statistics)

Teeth and The Digestive System: What happens to the food we eat? All living things: Which wild animals and plants thrive in our locality? States of Matter: solids, liquids gases: What would happen if solids became liquids?

(heating & cooling / evaporation & condensation)

States of Matter: Could we survive without rain?

Water cycle


Working scientifically project

Sound: What caused that racket? Electricity: How could we cope without electricity for one day?
History How has London changed over time? (geographical changes and developments)


Famous figures linked to London

How entertainment has changed in the past 100 years




How rich and poor lived (comparison)

How have people adapted rivers and water for their own use? The Battle of Hastings


Norman kings


Bayeux Tapestry


The Romans / Romanisation of Britain / How did the Romans impact Britain?


Julius Caesar / The Reign of Boudicca

Geography Tourism and population in London


River Thames


Advantages and disadvantages of living in London (village comparisons)


Where were items found which tell us about the past? Which famous European cities are situated on a river?


Features of a river


River uses


Locations of Motte & Bailey castles


Map work -Norman’s invasion route

The Romans – Invasion / Hadrian’s Wall / Roman Roads


The City of Rome and its features

Art/DT Constructing London Bridge (art straws)


London silhouette skyline – charcoal


Design and make London souvenirs (range of materials)

Designing own games


Using computer software to design adverts for toys and games

Watercolour landscape paintings


Constructing models of rivers (natural materials)

Bayeux Tapestry – sewing


Sketches of Norman kings


Designing Coats of Arms – painting

Roman shields


Roman pillars using chalks


Roman food

Roman mosaics


Roman coins using clay

RE Reflecting on behaviour and impact on the environment – Harvest Landmarks in life / ceremonies Commitment and how it affects life Study of a religion and its traditions (Christianity) Thinking about God – how different religions make links with belief and practice Features, patterns and importance of worship
SMSC / Life Skills Why are rules important?


Belonging and self-awareness


Understanding my feelings Understanding the feelings of others Managing my feelings Social skills Making Choices
Music Charanga – Mamma Mia Charanga  – Glockenspiel stage 2 Entrust Music


Charanga – Stop!

Entrust Music


Charanga – Lean on Me

Charanga – Blackbird Charanga – Reflect, Rewind & Replay
Computing Inside out (programming) Writing for different audiences (publisher/word) Mad about ads Multimedia presentations (PPT) E-Safety Collecting and presenting information