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Year 2 Curriculum

Autumn 1

Why was the fire of London so great?

Autumn 2

Who is Queen Elizabeth and how has Stoke-on-Trent changed since she became Queen?

Spring 1

Why wouldn’t a dinosaur make a good pet?

Spring 2

Why doesn’t a meerkat live on Antarctica?

Summer 1

Would you prefer to live in England or Africa?

Summer 2


Literacy Instructions

Diary- faction recount

Retelling a story with a new character.

Character descriptions.

Letter in role

Newspaper Article




story with familiar setting



description and vocabulary

setting and character descriptions


The Queen’s Hat

The Queen’s handbag

The Queen’s Christmas What am I poetry.

Story fantasy description and vocabulary



retell of the story in role.

character study

sentence types


adventure story

sequel to a story

(familiar setting)

Report Science


The dinosaur’s diary.

The Bear and the Piano

Tyrannosaurus Drip.



Adventure stories

Comparing characters and building character profiles

Comparing settings and describing them

Vocabulary linked to these

Non chronological report



The Bear and the Piano.

Meerkat Mail

Lost and Found



Uplevelling vocabulary and punctuation

Retelling the story from the character’s point of view



Play script (short unit)

Comparing stories from the same author

Retelling stories


Oliver Jeffers Collection

Lila and the Secret of Rain.

Persuasive writing

Poetry- rhyming and the senses.


Text linked to plants?

History The Great Fire of London Queen Elizabeth.

Changes in Kidsgrove/ Stoke-on-Trent over the past 100 years.

Emma Bridgewater/ Steelite

Dinosaur era, fossils, Mary Anning. History of the lifeboats (linked with Geography topic)
Geography Countries in the United Kingdom Local Area Kidsgrove and Stoke-on-Trent Fossils and Land Countries, continents and climates Weather contrast. Beaches and tourist attractions. Oceans, seas, rivers, continents
Science Materials- everyday materials and their uses. Living things and their habitats. Local and world habitats. Living things and their habitats. Dinosaurs Animals including humans Animals including humans Plants
Art  John Virtue- London Paintings. Leonid Afremov- Water modern paintings. Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins- Sketching dinosaurs. Leo Sewell. Creating animal sculptures using materials. Giuseppe Arcimboldo- creating vegetable pictures. Georgia O’Keeffe- flowers


DT Bread Baking Clay Pottery Fossil Making Printing using tiles and ink. Sewing Building a raft/ lifeboat for the sea.
RE Caring for the natural world Christian Nativity story- valuing new life Worship and ceremonies Belonging to a group Storytelling through sacred writing Showing kindness and goodness
SEAL New Beginnings Say No to Bullying Going for Goals Good to be Me Relationships Changes
Music Charanga Music Topic Charanga Music Topic Charanga Music Topic Charanga Music Topic Charanga Music Topic Charanga Music Topic

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