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Year 1 Curriculum

Autumn 1

What did our grandparents play with?

Old & New toys


Autumn 2

Why isn’t everyone afraid of the dark?

Light & dark (non-stat science)


Spring 1

What should the little pigs build their house from?


(Science & traditional tales)

Spring 2

Why were Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong very brave people?

Explorers (History/geography)

Summer 1

Why aren’t animals like humans?

Animals (Science)


Summer 2

What plants can we see in our playground and garden?



Relating trip Brampton toy museum

Teddy bears hospital (in school)

Gentleshaw wildlife and birds of prey centre Explorer day (in school) Peak Wildlife park Local garden centre
Texts Dogger


Additional text: Toy boat

Owl babies


Additional text: The owl who was afraid of the dark, Little owl, Can’t you sleep little bear?, Owly and wormy – bright lights and starry nights

The three little pigs


Little red riding hood


Man on the moon


Additional text to share at the end of the day: Who was Neil Armstrong?

The tiger who came to tea


Additional text: Gorilla

The enormous turnip


Additional text: Titch

Author focus  

This is the bear book series

by Sarah Hayes & Helen Craig


Author focus: Jez Ahlberg

English My Labels, lists & captions for the toy shop


Recount – letter as Dave, written to the missing Dogger


Retelling the story of Dogger


Poetry (vocab & rhyming)

Recount – diary as owl


Retell/innovate the story of Owl babies

Retell a traditional tale – retelling and writing the story of the Three Little Pigs


Retell/innovate traditional tale – write our own story based on the Three Little Pigs


Report – newspaper article about the big bad wolf

Retell/innovate traditional tale  – Innovating the story of Little Red Riding Hood


Explanations – information about how Neil Armstrong got to the moon

Report – All about our trip to the zoo


Contemporary fiction – innovating and writing our own story based on The Tiger who came to tea.


Recount: Diary about trip to the zoo/wildlife park


Poetry (vocab & rhyming couplets)

Instructions – how to plant a seed


Contemporary fiction – innovate the story of the enormous turnip – planning different seeds


Poetry (vocab & poetry appreciation)

Spellings to be covered Wk1: f & s spelt ff & ss

Wk2: l, z, & k spelt ll, zz & ck

Wk3: ing, ed, er endings

Wk4: ng & nk

Wk5: ch & tch

Wk6: v & ve

Wk1: ai & oi in middle

Wk2: ay & oy at end

Wk3: oa/ow/oe

Wk4: ee/e

Wk5: ea

Wk6: ie/igh

Wk1: igh

Wk2: ar

Wk3: er

Wk4: ir & ur

Wk5: er and est endings

Wk6: Days of the week

Wk1: k before e, i, y

Wk2: a-e, e-e

Wk3: i-e, o-e

Wk4: u-e

Wk5: oo

Wk6: oo as ue & ew

Wk1: ou & ow

Wk2: ee at the end spelt y

Wk3: or & ore

Wk4: aw & au

Wk5: air & are

Wk6: ear

Wk1: ph & wh

Wk2: prefix un-

Wk3: adding s and es

Wk4: Compound words

Wk5: contractions

Wk6: common exception words


(WRM Small steps)

Number & place value (within 10)

Addition and subtraction (within 10)


Addition and subtraction (within 10)


Place Value within 20

Addition and subtraction (within 20)

Place value (within 20)

Counting in 2, 5 and 10s


Length & height

Weight & volume

Multiplication and division (reinforce multiples of 2, 5 and 10)


Position and direction

Place value (within 100)

Addition and subtraction



Science The 4 seasons & Seasonal change


Autumn & characteristics


Artists relating to this…

Francois Boucher


Alphonse Mucha

Luke Howard (meteorology)

Light and dark

Sources of light including the Sun

Features of day and night including temperature

Electricity as a source of light



Winter – where do the leaves go in winter?

Everyday materials

Use of different everyday materials

Classifying and grouping

Changing materials by bending, etc.

Gathering and sorting different materials

Animals including humans

How animals adapt to their environment


Animals including humans

(senses, body parts)

Identification and labelling of a variety of common birds and animals

Know carnivores and herbivores

How animals are suited to their environment

Name parts of the human body

Identify body parts & senses

Naming & investigating animals


David Attenborough


Identification and labelling; including trees

Structure of plants; including roots, stem, flower, etc.


David Attenborough

History Comparing old & new toys – what did our grandparents play with? Celebrating Christmas in the past Who was Queen Elizabeth (history of the monarchy) Who was Christopher Columbus & Neil Armstrong? What did they do? Who was Lowry and what did he do?
Geography Daily weather Wonderful Weather


Name & locate the worlds 7 continents and 5 oceans.

Local Geography

Where is Kidsgrove?


Using maps, atlases and globes to find countries, continents and oceans

Exploring hot & cold climates

Map skills (directions)

UK Physical Geography

Can you name any of the key features around Kidsgrove?


Human & Physical Geography

Are we nearly there yet?

Countries making up UK, major cities in England)

Art Drawings using thick & thin pencils

Artists who have toys as inspiration

Robert Bradford (creates sculptures using discarded toys)

Sarah Graham (paints toys/sweets)


3d firework art

Wintery/stormy pictures

Christmas art



Primary colours & mixing

Printing block/repeating patterns to represent the ocean

Using tools to create shell pictures


Vincent Van Gogh (The sea at Saintes Maries)

Drawing/painting animals – following the style of a specific artist Draw & sketch trees/plants

Leaf printing in the style of William Morris




William Morris

Van Gogh (sunflower picture)

Design & technology Investigate how toys work

Design & make toy boat – creating strong structures

Make cup & ball toy Frank Hornby (created Meccano/model trains)

Weaving – Christmas decorations Building houses out of various materials – strongest/weakest materials


Barbara Jones (architect builds houses out of straw)

Professor Codman’s Punch & Judy Food – what should we be eating? Design & make bird tables (including bird feed)


Building a tin forest

RE Beliefs teachings and sources Practices and ways of life


Understanding the Christmas story

Expressing meaning Identifying diversity and belonging Meaning purpose and truth Values and commitments
Computing E Safety


Creating pictures (2B)



Spell checker – word

E Safety


I Robot


E Safety



Pictograms (1E)

E Safety



E Safety





New beginnings Say no to bullying Go for goals! Good to be me Relationships Changes
Music Hey you!

Listening & appraising, learning the song

Playing along to the pulse & copying/replaying patterns

Learning to play glockenspiel

In the groove

Listening & appraising, learning songs

Improvisations of musical instruments & vocals


Rhythm in the way we walk & Banana Rap

Listening & appraising

Identifying and keeping the beat of the pulse



PE Dance Gymnastics Games

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