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Year 6

Learning for week commencing 22.6.20 June 22 homelearning Y6 transition 3   Make sure you do your  transition work from High School

When I ask high Schools what is the number one skill needed they say reading.Access free real books on your computer or device from your local library: https://summerreadingchallenge.org.uk/how-to-access-books

Fancy listening to some short 500 word stories? Click here

Watch the NSPCC assembly Speak out stay safe with some faces you will recognise: https://www.nspcc.org.uk/keeping-children-safe/our-services/working-with-schools/?utm_source=Virtual-Assembly&utm_medium=SOSS&utm_campaign=202005_SOSS

Parents check out these very useful videos aimed at helping you help your child start High School. The blue videos at the bottom of the page and the next page are aimed at parents:


Big Wild weekend 19.6.20 with the Wildlife Trusts

try these https://www.wildlifetrusts.org/big-wild-weekend

Y6 learning w/c 15.6.20:

June 15 homelearning Y6 transition 2

You will need to have a showbie account to do the work for 15th June 2020

Wondering “How To Help My Child With Maths At Home?” – Here Is Everything You Need To Know To Support Your Budding Mathematician, click here.

click above for interesting information and activities

The work for 8.6.20 is on showbie. If you have not set up an account yet please do so.

June 8 homelearning Y6 transition 1

Y6 Transition Information

June 1st homelearning Y6

Are you on Showbie yet? Many, but not all, children have joined and are enjoying the activities! See the emails (you can search your inbox for showbie if you need to find the email.)

1st June Y6 homeworking:  https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/dailylessons

Fancy learning about first aid with your child? Try this Red Cross online resource


useful information to help parents help children with their maths at this link:


Monday 18.5.20  week 9

Please note the  week following this one  (week 10 Mon 25.5.20) will be half term. School will be closed and no additional work will be sent.

week 9 Y6 learning at home

Year-6 maths links





Non-Fiction Reading Revision Mat

Poetry Reading Revision Mat

Fiction Reading Revision Mat

Reading Revision Mat Guidance

Use spelling frame to learn rule 45 https://spellingframe.co.uk/spelling-rule/5/Year-5-and-6

Week 8 :

Tommy has been investigating these hydraulic models. Can you explain how they work?

week 8 answers:Lesson 4 Answers Fractions of an amount 2019

Lesson 1 Answers Multiply fractions by integers 2019

Lesson 2 Answers Multiply fractions by fractions 2019

Lesson 3 Answers Divide fractions by integers (2) 2019

  1. Use spelling frame to learn rule 44 https://spellingframe.co.uk/spelling-rule/5/Year-5-and-6

each day your lessons will appear here along with any downloads you need


here are the maths worksheets, some fun science activities and an English sheet that you cannot download from the BBC bitesize website:


uplevel a thriller   (English)

Y6 Autumn Block 3 WO10 Multiply fractions by integers 2019

Y6 Autumn Block 3 WO11 Multiply fractions by fractions 2019

Y6 Autumn Block 3 WO12 Divide fractions by integers (1) 2019

Y6 Autumn Block 3 WO13 Divide fractions by integers (2) 2019

some of the tasks  towards the end of the maths sheet are supposed to be challenging.

Useful family and children advice about covid 19 and working together at home:

advice to families Anna Freud National centre for Children and Families

Click here for BBC bitesize lessons if you have trouble with any of the set work below.

Week 7 Mon 4.5.20 read the document called template first.

Remember, if your child has Third space learning sessions, it is either 2pm MON or 2pm  WED! 

Template y6 week 7

other sheets (you will need to look at the science sheets SMG-Learning-Activities-Build-a-Dome SMG-Learning-Activities-Spaghetti-Structures SMG-Learning-Activities-Tune-Booster


maths Lesson-2-Y6-Summer-Block-1-WO9-Angles-in-regular-polygons-2020 Lesson-3-Problem-Solving Lesson-4-Problem-Solving Lesson-5-Y6-Summer-Block-1-WO8-Angles-in-special-quadrilaterals-2020

Lesson 4 Answers Problem Solving Lesson 1 Answers Angles in special quadrilaterals 2020 Lesson 2 Answers Angles in regular polygons 2020 Lesson 3 Answers Problem Solvingweek 9 Here are the answers to work for this week commencing Mon 27.4.20





Day2 active passive answers

Remember, if your child has Third space learning sessions, it is either 2pm MON or 2pm  WED! 

27.4.20 new week sent out by email.

try these fun activities that use maths skills https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/easter-fun/

useful book:Coronavirus_ABookForChildren (2)

20.4.20 New online lessons (national Oak Academy -a UK Gov intiative).  Follow this link. 




However no need to do the Spanish! There are teaching videos and pdfs which you can print or just write on, on the screen using the red tool, or just use your exercise books. It is all mostly revision.


PARENTS: If you need paper copies of homeworking , please let me know.

Would any parents who are not getting emails from me please email me at s.macha@dovebank.staffs.sch.uk.   Thanks. Mr M

I have emailed out the maths and English and other subjects for week 3. It is Easter so feel free to take time to do other things, but the work is there if you need it.

We will be doing some fun work on maps from this website  https://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/mapzone/map-skills

some interesting activities for Easter can be found here: https://ypte.org.uk/topics/home-learning-packs 

Not everyone has logged into the purple mash blog. If you have not done so, log in to Purple Mash (your logins are on the front of the week1 learning pack and choose 2blog. Watch the intro video  and find the y6 blog

Hello everyone, well done on the first week. Hope everyone is getting on together and being helpful at home.

*Congratulations to Rosie, Kiera, Fletcher and Billy for great scores on the Purple mash digital footprint quiz! Some people have not done this yet!

Maths week 3 learning videos and worksheets https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-6/

other maths games and activities to do at home Y6_Maths_Games_And_Activities_Pack 

Struggling with some maths words? download a maths dictionaryPrimary_Maths_Dictionary

If you do Third Space don’t forget. No one logged in for today’s session (Monday)!

it’s Monday or Wednesday at 2pm. use this link: https://accounts.thirdspacelearning.com/v1/users/login

remember 2pm Monday and 2pm Wednesday just like last week

This is my dog  in the photo Now you try it.

Map skills (Geography week 3) https://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/mapzone/map-skills

Fancy listening to some books/stories try these freebies: https://stories.audible.com/start-listen

start your day with some PE workouts with Joe Wicks on you tube at 9 am:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qGKGNzNbWjU   new one every day.

maths links if you missed them in week 1  Y6 Spring Block 5 WO4 Area of a triangle (2) 2019 Y6 Spring Block 5 WO5 Area of a triangle (3) 2019 Y6 Spring Block 5 WO6 Area of a parallelogram 2019

Outside project: Create a wildlife area in your garden. Look up websites for inspiration and take some photos ready for the blog we will start on Purple Mash. If you haven’t done any work on Purple Mash there was a lot set for week 1. Keep your progress through 2code  going too.


Week 2 Year 6 for parents

week2 English work: lots of sheets you don’t need to print the answer sheets and could read the excerpts from the screen and write answers in your book:

Year 6 Day 1 Harry Potter hamilton English Year 6 Day 1 Harry Potter Year 6 Day 2 Harry Potter Year 6 Day 3 Harry Potter Year 6 Day 4 Harry Potter Year 6 Day 5 Harry Potter

the above link is the document containing work for week 2 that was emailed out at the end of last week.

Very few people are using Reading eggs, lets spend some serious time on this this week. Here is a link for parents http://www.3plearning.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/Reading-Eggs-Parent-Pack-EMEA-compressed.pdf?wp-linkindex=2

School closures work is important. It will count towards your grades at the end of Y6. The work will will appear here or in e mails:

Everyone has their logins for purple mash, TTRS, Reading Eggs and Third Space.

Those of you on third space: your sessions will be at the usual times 2pm Mon or Wed.

These first three documents include work for every week. click on them to read and/or print:

here are the flashback maths activities we are doing one box of four questions each day:

Flashback grid spring a

77-STEM-activities-for-Families (1)

Here are the area work sheets. Try to progress through them as much as you can. if you get stuck try the videos and/or talk it through with someone at home:

Y6 Spring Block 5 WO3 Area of a triangle (1) 2019 Y6 Spring Block 5 WO4 Area of a triangle (2) 2019 Y6 Spring Block 5 WO5 Area of a triangle (3) 2019

online safety Knowledge Organiser Unit 6.2 – Online Safety


Long-term-plan-Year-6-2019 2020

The best thing you can do is read a good book every day! Are you reading Y6 level books? Don’t just assume you are. Check out this list of recommended books for Y6 from Phillip friend Educational consultants:


School pays for reading eggs and TimeTables RockStars-use them daily!

click  here:


 Can you recall all your multiplication and division facts?

There are loads of fun games on the internet, just search it or try this site:


Go on timestablesrockstars every day!



How is your spelling? Get all the letter patterns and exception words for every year to Y6:


spelling activities: https://spellingframe.co.uk/


remember to put spelling mistakes from your writing in your yellow books and practice them each morning and evening. Put them in your word books and use them in your writing.

here is a link for purple mash:


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