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Year 6

School closures work is important. It will count towards your grades at the end of Y6. The work will will appear here or in e mails:

Everyone has their logins for purple mash, TTRS, Reading Eggs and Third Space.

Those of you on third space: your sessions will be at the usual times 2pm Mon or Wed.

These first three documents include work for every week. click on them to read and/or print:

here are the flashback maths activities we are doing one box of four questions each day:

Flashback grid spring a

77-STEM-activities-for-Families (1)

Here are the area work sheets. Try to progress through them as much as you can. if you get stuck try the videos and/or talk it through with someone at home:

Y6 Spring Block 5 WO3 Area of a triangle (1) 2019 Y6 Spring Block 5 WO4 Area of a triangle (2) 2019 Y6 Spring Block 5 WO5 Area of a triangle (3) 2019

online safety Knowledge Organiser Unit 6.2 – Online Safety


Long-term-plan-Year-6-2019 2020

The best thing you can do is read a good book every day! Are you reading Y6 level books? Don’t just assume you are. Check out this list of recommended books for Y6 from Phillip friend Educational consultants:


School pays for reading eggs and TimeTables RockStars-use them daily!

click  here:


 Can you recall all your multiplication and division facts?

There are loads of fun games on the internet, just search it or try this site:


Go on timestablesrockstars every day!



How is your spelling? Get all the letter patterns and exception words for every year to Y6:


spelling activities: https://spellingframe.co.uk/


remember to put spelling mistakes from your writing in your yellow books and practice them each morning and evening. Put them in your word books and use them in your writing.

here is a link for purple mash:


Standon Bowers

Kit List OEC – revised 3.16