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Year 5

In Year 5, our Summer 2 topic is…  



Would you rather settle a dispute with a game of pok-a-tok or go to war and fight? 


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In this topic, we will be focusing on the Ancient Maya civilisation and Central America. The children will learn about their culture, religion, homes, foods, sports and achievements etc. 




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Our topic assessment questions are:


  • Why did the Ancient Mayan civilisation end?
  • In ancient times, how might rich Mayans have lived differently to the poor Mayans?
  • Can you describe/explain a Mayan religious ceremony/ritual/tradition?
  • If you were a Mayan child, what (would you like or) are you likely to grow up to be?
  • How do we know that the Mayans made sacrifices?
  • Did the Mayans believe in God?
  • What typical things did the Mayans eat?



Key Vocabulary Table:







Our Literacy Focus


This half term, we will be reading (and writing our own versions of) Warning Tales.







The text that we will be focusing on is: Rain Player  by David Wisniewski.





To see the Weekly Timetable and Long Term Plan for Year 5 learning, please click the links below. 

Weekly Timetable

Long Term Plan





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Link to Year 5/6 Statutory Spellings- Look, cover, say, write, check.



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Supporting well-being is super important. Here’s a great website to lots of free well-being activities…. https://www.elsa-support.co.uk/category/free-resources/



Stay fit and healthy with some sporty challenges with ASM! –>  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCw3adMR45pFcwVUrii4WGKw