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Year 5

In Year 5, our Autumn 1 topic is…

Were the Ancient Egyptians as intelligent as we (humans) are today?

This half term, Year 5’s creative topic learning will focus on the Ancient Egyptian civilisation.

We will be studying things such as: why the river Nile was so important, what everyday life was like, their religious beliefs (pharaohs and gods), how they respect and treat the dead and much more!

Our HOT topic questions are:

  • Where is Ancient Egypt located?
  • How long ago was the Ancient Egyptian civilisation (when did it start and end?)
  • What impact did the river Nile have on the development of the settlement?
  • Who was in charge and were these rulers respected by the people?
  • How did the roles of women/men and rich/poor differ?
  • Why were the pyramids built and did this link to their religious beliefs?

Key Vocabulary Table

Linen A cloth made from a plant called flax, used
for making clothes or sheets.
Tomb A large grave which is above ground with a
sculpture or decoration on it.
Papyrus A plant that grew on the banks of the Nile. It was used as an early version of paper.
Egyptologist  An archaeologist who focuses on Ancient Egypt. One famous one called Howard Carter discovered Tutankhamun’s tomb.
Hieroglyphics A picture used as a form of writing instead
of letters.
Canopic Jars Special jars that held the organs of a mummy including the lungs, intestines, liver and stomach.
Mummification  The process in which the flesh and skin of
a corpse (dead body) can be preserved.
Pharaoh An ancient Egyptian ruler (king or queen).
Sarcophagus A large stone box that held a mummy’s coffin, often richly decorated for pharaohs.
Pyramid A building with triangular sides built as an
Egyptian tomb (a place to bury the dead).
Afterlife The place where the Egyptians believed they would go after they died.
Akhet The season of the year when the Nile flooded, a very important time of year in the desert!



Our class novel is The Story of Tutankhamun and The Egyptian Cinderella.

What can you find out more about this famous Pharaoh? Also, can you compare the traditional fairy-tale with this alternative version?









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