Welcome to Dove Bank

Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!  

Mrs Smith, Mrs Machin and the Year 4 children welcome you to our class page! 

Our Summer 1 topic is: Why is 1066 an important date in history? 

Topic Web – Topic Web Summer 1 2022

Topic knowledge organiser- Normans Knowledge Organiser

Science knowledge organiser – Sound Knowledge Organiser

Key HOT questions for our topic:

  • What is the Bayeux Tapestry?
  • How did the Normans change Britain?
  • Why are Motte and Bailey castles a key part of Norman history?
  • How were Norman children’s lives different to yours?
  • What is the Feudal System?
  • Where did Normans travel from during their conquest?
  • Why was Edward the Confessor to blame for the events of 1066?

This term’s areas of learning:

Writing Tales of Fear based on The Firework Maker’s Daughter by Phillip Pullman
Reading Whole class reading focussing on Anglo-Saxon Boy by Tony Bradman
Maths Decimals, money and time
Science Sound
Creative curriculum  Coats of Arms, sketching kings and textiles including The Bayeux Tapestry
PE ASM PE lessons weekly (PE kits every Thursday please!)

If you are isolating due to Covid, please visit your Showbie page daily to find new work and get feedback. This is also where the homework will be posted.


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