Welcome to Dove Bank

Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!

Mrs Smith is now on maternity leave. Miss Newton will be teaching you this half term and she will be supported by Mrs Machin. Miss Newton is very excited to meet you.

Please complete homework and online isolation work (should you be absent from school due to Coronavirus) on Showbie:  https://my.showbie.com/signin

Our topic this half term is…

Why Were The Romans So Powerful?

Some key questions to consider:

When did the Romans conquer England?

Did the Romans invade other countries before Britain?

Who was Julius Caesar and what does our calendar have to do with him?

Who was Boudicca and what did she do?

How did the Romans leave their mark on Britain?

What do roads have to do with the Romans?

Who was said to have created Rome?

What did the Romans do with dormice?

What could you see from Ancient Rome today?

Where is Ancient Rome?

What languages do people think the Romans spoke?

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Additional Learning 

Websites to Access at Home:

Year 4 Long Term Planning 2020 – 2021  – https://www.dovebank.staffs.sch.uk/our-curriculum/year-4-curriculum/