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Year 3

Welcome to Year Three’s Class Page

Moving into the Juniors is a very exciting time, full of lots of new experiences and challenges. If you feel a little nervous, don’t worry because I will help you settle in. In September, all you will need to bring with you is your coat, PE kit and a water bottle. We have everything else that you will need at school. 

Autumn 2020


Some questions to think about

What does prehistoric mean?

Can you put events in order from the Stone Age to Iron Age?

What sources tell us about the Stone Age?

Explain what life was like in the Stone Age.

What was life like at Skara Brae?

Tell me about Stonehenge.

What was life like at an Iron Age hill fort?

Explain what was life like in the Iron Age.

Which era would you have preferred to live in (Stone, Bronze or Iron)?

Home Learning Y2 – Y3 transition

There are six assignments on Showbie for the summer break. Below are Learning projects for the Summer break too.  Please share your brilliant work on Showbie. I would love to see it. 

 Have a go at the Summer Reading Challenge the government have continued to identify that reading still underpins all other subjects 


Space project

Transition project

The Stone Age project preparation for Year Three

Here are some additional ones, should you want some more

Transport project


Food project

Music project


Useful websites

Visit the sites below




Reading Books
Please encourage your child to read their reading book at home and also  write a comment in their Home School  Link book. We recommend hearing your child read in Year Three for a minimum of 3 times a week for at least 10 minutes. Books will be changed when children have comments in their book and confidently read the book as well as answer questions about it. 

Reading is so much more than being able to say the text. 

Some tips to help your child with reading

  1. Ask them to reread a page, so that they internalise the text and can summarise what they have read. 
  2. Encourage your child to reread after blending or being told, so that they sound like a story teller or a narrator.
  3. Help your child develop their vocabulary by asking what words mean or to find a word that means your word or phrase.
  4. Encourage your child to read to punctuation. At each full stop, pause and take a breath. This is the same for commas and questions marks. Exclamation marks, should show some change in how things are said depending on the emotion that is felt by the character.
  5. Discuss the features of a non fiction pages and books. 




Y3 Aut 1 Stone Age    

What are we learning and what have we learnt?
Aut 1 2019  Prehistory History Homework Menu  Stone Age Homework Aut 1 2019
Aut 1 2019 Science Rocks Knowledge organiser knowledge organiser Rocks Sticky Knowledge Year 3
Aut 2 2019 Science Light Knowledge organiser Knowledge organiser Y3 SCIENCE LIGHT
Aut 2 2019 Geography Volcanoes and Earthquakes Knowledge organiser Geography Y3 Volcanoes and earthquakes
Aut 2 2019 What makes the Earth angry Homework Menu Aut 2 Homework What Make the Earth Angry



Home Learning for Week 4

Maths Warm Ups

Aim to do 1 each day and try to record in your blue maths exercise book. 


Daily Maths

Days 1-3 are practical activities. Use the maths activities booklets links, if you would prefer something less practical. Again, aim to record in your blue maths exercise book rather than printing. 







Year 2 Maths Addition and Subtraction   (Booklet for use days 1-5)

Year 3 Maths Addition and Subtraction  (Booklet for use days 1-5)

Day 4 Easter coordinates

Additional Maths Activities

Week 4 Fri Week 4 Monday Week 4 Thurs Week 4 Tuesday Week 4 Weds


Week 4 reading activity


writing week 4 day 1

writing week 4 day 1 part 2

writing day week 4 day 2

writing week 4 day 2

writing week 4 day 3

wk 4writing day 4

week 4 writing day 4 & 5


spellings week 4



French week 4    french wk 4        Lesson Presentation Pets


History vikings week 4                  History week 4


Science for week 3 and 4

Religious Education

easter week 4     easter week 4


week 4 art   art week 4



 You Tube


Joe Wickes or Jumpstart Johnny

Week 5 Week Commencing 20th April Week 5 Family IV Week 5 Family Y3 and Y4 common exception spellings

Week 6 Week Commencing 27th April Week 6 The area you live IV Week 6 The area you live in

Week 7 Week Commencing 4th May Week 7 Viewpoints

For children that receive intervention at school Week 7 Viewpoints IV

Week 8 Week Commencing 11th May 11th May Week 8 Animals 11th May Week 8 Animals IV

Week 9 Week Commencing 18th May 18th May Week 9 Environments 18th May Week 9 Environments IV

Week 10 Week Commencing 1st June 1st June Week 10 Food 1st June Week 10 Food IV

Week 11 Week Commencing 8th June 8th June Week 11 Celebration 8th June Week 11 Celebration iv

Week 12 15th June – Under the Sea 15th June Under the Sea – For all children

Week 13 22nd June – Sport22nd June Sport

Week 14 Significant People Significant People Week 14

Week 15 Around the World  Around the World Week 15