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Year 3

Year 3

Our topic this half term is: (History) Who first lived in Britain?

(Science) How does the human body work?

Our class text: Stone Age Boy

Stone Age Boy: Amazon.co.uk: Kitamura, Satoshi, Kitamura, Satoshi: 0787721953272: Books

We are going to be travelling back to the Stone Age to find out what happened when a little boy found himself in a different place, with different people and hunting for food.

Would you like to travel back to a different time? If so, when and why?

How would you feel if you were walking through a woods and suddenly found yourself in a different place?

Supporting texts:

The First Drawing : Gerstein, Mordicai: Amazon.co.uk: Books         UG: Boy Genius of the Stone Age and His Search for Soft Trousers : Briggs, Raymond, Briggs, Raymond, Briggs, Raymond: Amazon.co.uk: Books         Stig of the Dump (A Puffin Book) : King, Clive, Ardizzone, Edward: Amazon.co.uk: Books

Useful vocabulary

Cave painting                        mammoth                     Neolithic man                    fur pelt                  spears                house

Skara Brae             hand axe                  antler                     borer                  hammerstone                 Neolithic woman

Who first lived in Britain? Knowledge Organiser – click here: Year 3 Stone Age

How does the human body work? Knowledge organiser – click here: Year 3 Animals Including Humans

Topic Webs 

Autumn 1 – Who first lived in Britain?

Aut 1 – Topic Web

Autumn 2 Spring 1
Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2

Homework and home learning 

Homework and spelling will be given out on a Friday, and will consist of a range of activities relating to spelling, punctuation and grammar, maths and reading comprehension. Homework books should be handed in each Thursday for marking, to be returned the next day. Spellings will be stuck into your child’s reading record, and will be tested the following Friday.

Please read with your child at home each day, and make a note in their reading record. We will also make a note when your child reads with a member of staff in school. Books will be changed on a Tuesday and Friday. Please bring your reading book and reading record to school each day.

Our PE takes place on a Thursday. Please ensure that your kit is in school. 

Summer holiday homework

Spellings – Year 3 & 4 Statutory spellings

Useful links that I will ask you to use:





Reading recommendations:



Reading is so much more than being able to say the text. 

Some tips to help your child with reading

  1. Ask them to reread a page, so that they internalise the text and can summarise what they have read. 
  2. Encourage your child to reread after blending or being told, so that they sound like a story teller or a narrator.
  3. Help your child develop their vocabulary by asking what words mean or to find a word that means your word or phrase.
  4. Encourage your child to read to punctuation. At each full stop, pause and take a breath. This is the same for commas and questions marks. Exclamation marks, should show some change in how things are said depending on the emotion that is felt by the character.
  5. Discuss the features of a non fiction pages and books.