Welcome to Dove Bank

Year 3

Our topic for Autumn 2 is…

What makes the Earth angry?






In English, we will be utilising what we learn in our reading and  will use the RSC and Pie Corbett approaches to develop our story writing with a particular focus on characterisation. Using our topic research, we will write non fiction pieces.

As mathematicians , we will be exploring addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and applying our skills to WhiteRose problem solving & Reasoning questions. 


We will be geographers and will learn about how natural disasters can affect the world in which we live in. In addition, we will explore how volcanoes form and why earthquakes occur.

To find out more, please see our topic web, homework menu and knowledge organisers for Aut 2.

About Year Three

Year Three is an exciting year and this is your first year in Key Stage Two or your first year in junior school. 

I am your class teacher, Mrs Bloor and we will be supported by Miss Robinson and Mrs Machin this year. 

We hope you are as excited to learn and have fun with all the topics that we will be doing this year, as we are. 

You will be given a new Home School Link book. It’s the same colour and slightly smaller than the Key Stage one book. Please remember to bring this to school each day. 

In Key Stage Two, you are expected to get all letters, reading books,  homework books, wallets, lunch boxes and water bottles out of your bag in the morning and put them into the correct place. Money must be in a named wallet or envelope and placed into the money storage tub. 

Pencil cases are allowed. However, please take out your pencil in the morning and keep it in your bag or tray, until the afternoon lessons begin. 

If you are having a school lunch, please remember to pay on ParentPay. 

In Key Stage Two, snacks can still be purchased at break and ice pops at lunch, but you will now purchase them from the kitchen hatch in the hall. 

Mornings can be very busy, so for safety and security, please can parents if they wish to speak to us for anything other than a quick exchange with the member of staff on the door, ring the office to make an appointment or to request a call back. 


Will be delivered on Thursdays mornings by ASM. Like in Key Stage One, please bring in your kit at the beginning of the half term. You will need a white t-shirt, black shorts and black pumps. In addition, as the weather is turning colder bring along a black track suit or black tracksuit bottoms because we will still aim to go outside. 

Reading books

We would still be expecting to see three signatures a week from parents in your Home School Link books. In Key Stage Two, we e expect shorter books to be read fluently and a comprehension questions to be answered correctly before changing books. Books will not be changed without seeing parent signatures.

As you enter Key Stage Two because we have another reading scheme, which is aimed at children in Key Stage Two, we will check which books that you can read 90% of the words and answer questions about so we can make sure you have the correct book to take home to practise. 

Some of you may still be reading the Read Write Inc books and we will continue to send these home.

Home school link books will be checked daily. 

House Teams

You have now been put into colour teams. The teams are red, yellow, blue and green. You will stay in the same team until you leave Dove Bank. 

Each week, the winning team is called out in assembly and a trophy is awarded. 

You can earn team points for demonstrating good ‘Learning Behaviours’, manners and home learning, including homework, reading and spellings. 


Each week, you will be asked to complete the minimum homework of spellings, times table practise and reading. Team points are awarded for this. 

In addition, you can earn extra team points for completing tasks from the homework menu linked to our topic. 

Homework will be collected in on a Thursday morning and handed back on Friday afternoon. 

You can still also practise your reading on Reading Eggs and now in Key Stage Two, you will be taught how to access Times Tables Rockstars from home. In assembly each week, certificates are given out for your achievements online.

Spellings and Times Tables

Each week, you will have spellings. You need to know the spellings from each year group and apply them. So you will be given spellings to practise where there may be any gaps from Year One and Two. We will also work through the Year Three spellings. 

Please practise your spellings at home because it really does make a difference to what you can achieve. 

You may be invited to attend spellings club after school or during lunch time, if you need a little extra help. 

Spellings will be quizzed on Friday mornings. However, we will be looking for them to be applied in your writing in class. If you don’t, you will could have these spellings sent home again to practise. 

In Year Four, all children are tested for knowing their times tables. It’s an online test, which gives approximately 6 seconds to respond. 

Please practise your times tables at home. 

This year, you will need to quickly say any 2x, 5x and 10x table that is asked of you in any order. In addition, for Year Three, you need to know your 3x, 4x, 7x and 8x to be on track for Year Four. Times Tables RockStars is fun way to learn them. 

Online Safety

Although, you are now in the juniors, please remember that most social media sites are not legal for you to be on until you are 13 and some have older restrictions. This is to keep you happy and safe. We will be learning lots in the Autumn term about E-safety and how to enjoy things online. 

Also, a little reminder about Peggy ratings on games. They are there again for your safety and so that you enjoy the game. Your Peggy rating is no higher than your age. So if you are 7, it will be Peggy 7. 

Never give out your name, address or phone numbers. Do not play with people online that you do not know and adults should not be requesting to play games with you online. 

Water bottles

Please only bring water to drink in class.


Year Three will begin to go swimming during Summer 1. All children will need to either wear dark trunks or a full swimming costume and a cap. Goggles will only be permitted if you meet the criteria for them to be warn. A letter will be sent out at the beginning of the spring term to give plenty of no

It is essential that children read widely for quality age related texts. This is our recommended reading list.



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