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Year 1

Autumn 1: This term our topic is….

What would life be like 50 years ago in Kidsgrove?

The Seasons and the Weather – Focus Autumn

 Think about:

What do you wear in Autumn?

Can you explain what happens to the days in Autumn?

Can you describe what the trees look like in Autumn?

What is the weather like in Autumn?

What colours remind you of Autumn?

What do the  weather symbols look like?

What did the Kidsgrove look like 50 to 100 years ago?

Can you make a timeline?

How can we find out about the past?

Extra activities to try at home

Due to the Phonics Screening Check in the Summer term of Year 1, it is important that we use, apply and practice phonics often – play some super phonics games here (practice Phase 4 and above): https://www.phonicsplay.co.uk/Phase5Menu.htm

Play some great English and Maths learning games here: http://www.ictgames.com/

Can you make a 3D weather symbol? Can you make a weather a weather diary? Can you learn a weather poem or song? Can you research 5 facts about the weather, autumn or Kidsgrove the past? Write five questions about the weather or seasons for your friends to find answers to. Can you go for an Autumn walk and collect things to make a collage out of? Can you practise spelling the words 0-10 and the days of the week.

Our class texts

Non – chronological reports, labels, captions and lists about Autumn, weather and things within 100 years ago.

Stories linked to my personal experience


     This term, we will be thinking about:

  • Writing labels, captions and lists using our phonics and high frequency words
  • Use capital letters at the beginning of sentences, use finger spaces in between words and full stops at the end of a sentence
  • Orally rehearse what we want to write and check it when we have written it
  • Practise forming cursive letters
  • Orally learn stories
  • Begin to write sentences with the same sentence starter
  • Write sentences based on stories
  • Recognise the beginning middle and end of a story
  • In phonics, we will continue to learn sounds from set two and three from RWI
  • Learn place value up to 20
  • Addition and subtraction

To see a suggested reading list for Year 1 children,  click here:  https://schoolreadinglist.co.uk/reading-lists-for-ks1-school-pupils/suggested-reading-list-year-1-pupils-ks1-age-5-6/

To see our Autumn 1 homework menu, click here: Plants homework menu

Please practise spellings, reading and times tables every day at home. Please complete 1 piece of homework from either the main and desert column of the menu each week. Homework books must be handed in on a Thursday, and will be handed out the next day with new spellings and marked homework. Spellings will be tested on a Friday – we will put a note into reading diaries to say how many spellings your child got correct.

To see our Year 1 Topic webs, click below:

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Autumn 2 – Why isn’t everyone afraid of the dark? Spring 2 – Why were Christopher Columbus & Neil Armstrong very brave people? Summer 2 – Which birds and plants can we see in our playground?

Long term plan – Year 1 – 2018-19

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