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Year 1



Welcome to Year 1

Hello! I am Miss Amison. I am very excited to be your new teacher in Year 1. It has been a long time since we have all been in school together and I can’t wait to meet you all properly. In Year 1, we will be doing lots of learning and Mrs Guney has told me how amazing you all are! I can’t wait for you to blow me away with your amazing learning and skills! Keep reading, counting, writing and having fun over the holidays – and have a rest ready for some hard work in Year 1. See you soon!

Summer Holiday Homework

There are 2 learning packs for you to complete at your own pace during the Summer Holidays. This will help to keep key skills and knowledge ticking over ready for September. Work will also be uploaded to Showbie. New codes for Year 1 classes have been sent out – if you have any difficulties regarding this, please email me.

Learning Project Pack Famous People and Traditional Story

Learning Project Pack Around the World]

Attachments that you may want: T-N-4567-Rainbow-to-10-Activity-Sheet      Jack and the Beanstalk sequencing activity

Please complete the activities on Showbie. Click here


lots of lovely activities on here. Have a look at the Year 1 activities.

If you would like to get a head start with spellings, then please start to practise the Common Exception Words Activity Booklet

Autumn 1: This term our topic is….

What did our grandparents play with? 

Old & new toys – Dogger & Toy Boat

Think about:

What do you like to play with? Why? What did your grandparents play with?

Why were your grandparents toys different to your toys? What do you notice?

Would you have liked to play with old toys? Why?

Explain to a friend what your favourite toy is, and why you like it. Describe your toy using adjectives.

Extra activities to try at home

Due to the Phonics Screening Check in the Summer term of Year 1, it is important that we use, apply and practice phonics often – play some super phonics games here (practice Phase 4 and above): https://www.phonicsplay.co.uk/Phase5Menu.htm

Play some great English and Maths learning games here: http://www.ictgames.com/

Can you design a new toy? Draw and label it. What would it be made out of? Why?

Our class texts

Dogger, by Shirley Hughes – When Dave loses his favourite toy, Dogger, he is heartbroken. But then Dogger turns up at the school summer fair, and everything seems all right – until someone else buys him before Dave can get the money! Will Dogger be returned to his owner?

How would you feel if you lost your favourite toy? Why? Have you ever lost a toy before? What did you do? Can you make a list of words to describe how you might feel.

Toy Boat, by Randall De Seve – A little boy has a toy boat. He made it out of a can, a cork, a yellow pencil, and some white cloth. The boy and his boat are inseparable, until one day when the wind pushes the toy boat out into the wide lake. Alone now, the little boat must face fierce waves, a grumpy ferry, a sassy schooner, and a growling speed boat. How the little boat misses the boy! But if he is going to survive, he must figure a way to do it on his own.

How do you think you think the characters would feel when the toy boat sails away? Where do you think the boat will go? What do you think that the little boy will do?

This term, we will be thinking about:

  • Writing simple sentences that have a capital letter, finger spaces and a full stop.
  • Using adjectives in our writing (describing words) – The little boy… The fluffy dog…
  • Labelling and writing captions that can be read by my teacher
  • Writing instructions
  • Letter writing
  • Joining two simple sentences using ‘and’
  • Counting forwards and backwards, to and across 100
  • Recognising, ordering and writing numbers to 20
  • Addition and subtraction within and beyond 20
  • Ordinal numbers (1st, 2nd, 3rd…)
  • The number lines
  • Forming letters and digits correctly
  • Using our phonic knowledge to help us spell and read
  • Lots more fun and exciting things!

To see a suggested reading list for Year 1 children,  click here: https://schoolreadinglist.co.uk/reading-lists-for-ks1-school-pupils/suggested-reading-list-year-1-pupils-ks1-age-5-6/ 

Please practise spellings, reading and times tables every day at home. Please complete 1 piece of homework from either the main and desert column of the menu each week. Homework books must be handed in on a Thursday, and will be handed out the next day with new spellings and marked homework. Spellings will be tested on a Friday.

Here are some websites that you might find useful:




Log ins have been sent home. If you need assistance, please email me.


Please be creative too! I would love to see Spring pictures, baking, healthy snacks being made, colouring, painting, picnics and outside fun!


Keep active too- Cosmic Yoga is a brilliant site. PE with Joe Wicks . Have fun exercising with Jumpstart Jonny.

If you need anything then please email me.

Keep smiling, keep working hard, stay safe.

See you soon!

Miss Amison, Miss Emma and Mrs Mason