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Welcome to Reception Class

Our topic this term is ….

Celebrations and Festivals.

This term we will be looking at different celebrations and festivals that is celebrated around the word. We will be reading and using different stories and information books that will help us learn about the different celebrations around the world and we will find out why people celebrate them.

 The celebrations that we will be focusing with will be:

Wedding, birthdays, Bonfire night, Diwali, Hanukah and Christmas.

If you would like your child to share an experience about a family celebration with their friends in class, then please send your child with a photo or an object that they would like to discuss as part of their learning for our topic Celebrations.

Questions that we will think about:

Can you hear and say the first sound you hear in words? Can you have a go at writing the first sound you heard in a word? You can support your child hearing the first sound by playing ‘eye spy’ and then let them have a go by writing the letter.

Can you hear and record the sounds that you can hear in words e.g. c-a-t?

See if your child could recall the last time they were at a celebration together with you? If they can, could they draw a picture in their learning log and then share it with the class?

Can you count up to 20 and back? what happens to the numbers when you count forward each time? what happens to the numbers when you count back each time?

Can you recognise and order your numbers to 10 and then to 20?

Can you have a go at writing your numbers up to 10 and then to 20?

This term we will also recap our numbers and will be learning how to count and match the numeral to the amount, see if you could do this with your child at home or out at shopping. Another game to support your child is to play number detectives. See which numbers you can spot with your child on a journey outside or even at home. Encourage to count anything they could see at home or outside in their environment. This could be; cars, toys, stones, rocks, vans, dolls, action figures, blocks.

Reception long term planning

In Reception, we love reading. Please click the link to find out books that you could share at home. 

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