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What can you see in fog?


Do you know the answer? …… What is fog?

Tiny water drops hovering in the air are called fogFog is like a cloud, but it is near the ground, not high in the sky so it can make it hard to see.

What other types of weather do you know?

Where does our weather come from?

What is happening in the cloud above our head?


Do you know any song about the weather?

Watch Mr Tumble sing and sign to Incy Wincy Spider


Which is your favourite weather?

Watch Nelly and Nora enjoy a rainy day – Do you like a rainy day?


Imagine if we could have a weather machine. What weather would you choose?

Find out what happens when Postman Pat collects a weather machine



I wonder who will be our Author this half term…

He is famous for writing about a special elephant.

 Can you guess?

Click here to meet Elmer and his friends

Elmer is written by David McKee.

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100 picture books

Click below to  find out about the featured books for 3+

Featured books for 3+


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