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In Nursery, we will be doing lots of fun activities both indoors and outdoors and learning lots of new skills as well as making new friends. We will also be doing lots of work around encouraging your child to be independent – Here is our guide to ‘Promoting Independence‘. 

Below is some information about what kind of learning your child will be doing in Nursery.


Who is your favourite character? 


Do you know the author of these characters?

Who is your favourite author?

In Nursery, we will learn about a range of different authors. Here is a few of the authors that we will be learning about. Click on the links below to access information and some activities that you can do with your children:


In Nursery, we love reading!

Click below to find out 100 picture books to read before you are five:

100 picture books

Click below to find out about the featured books for 3+

Featured books for 3+


In Nursery, we will be focusing on Letters & Sounds Phase 1 this includes:

■ General sound discrimination – environmental and instrumental sounds
■ General sound discrimination – body percussion
■ Rhythm and rhyme
■ Alliteration
■ Voice sounds
■ Oral blending and segmenting

When we are ready we will be moving on to join the rest of the school with our phonics scheme ‘Read Write Inc. Phonics‘. Don’t worry you will receive further information about this but if you want to find out more please click here.

In Maths, we will be learning  about counting, sorting, shapes and using this knowledge in our play. We also begin to recognise numerals and talk about numbers. 

We will be meeting the Numberblocks –  Have you met the Numberblocks?

If not, click here to meet them


Other Resources:

*BBC Bitesize have published some suitable links for EYFS – click here to browse

*Numberblocks episodes – All series are available to watch here.

*Audible stories – Click here to browse the selection – Look at the littlest learner section.

*Oxford Owl also offers a range of eBooks and activities – Click here to browse.

*ASM sports activities – click here to browse.

*The ‘Hungry Minds campaign’ has lots of useful information and includes activities for Nursery age children. These are available here.

*The BBC have launched ‘Tiny Happy People‘, which includes activities for Nursery age children. These are available here.

*The Book Trust website has a range of interactive books to read online or watch with signing. These are available here.

*The ‘list of online education resources for home education’ is now available online but covers all the way to secondary education. To simplify this I have made a list of all the EYFS relevant sites which is available here.

*The Government Home Learning support information for children aged 2-4 years old is now available –  click here.

**Please remember to support and supervise your child when using technology**

Here is the Long term planning for Nursery, it will give you a general idea of what we will be learning in Nursery. Clcik here to access: Long term planning.