Welcome to Dove Bank


Headteacher: Mrs. E Ford
Chair of Governors: Mr. P Laws
Deputy Head: Mrs. S Bloor

​EYFS: ​Mrs. C Hewitt, Mrs. D Guney, Miss R Simpson, Mrs. G Bowler and Mrs. G Laws

Key Stage One: ​ Miss G Amison, Mrs. V Harley, Miss J Smart and Mrs. J Mason

​Key Stage Two: Mrs. S Bloor, Mrs. M Green, Mrs. A McLaren, Mr. S Macha, Miss A Robinson, Mrs. Sanderson, Mrs. J Machin

Doves Child Care (2yrs): Mrs. E Ford, Mrs. C Hewitt, ​Mrs. S Sproston and Miss R Simpson

Teaching Assistants: Mrs. S Sanderson, Miss A Robinson, Mrs. J Machin, Mrs. J Mason and Miss M Fabbeni 

Admin Staff: Mrs. A Whittaker and Miss L Porter