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Dove Bank Register of Governor Attendance at FGBM 2021 – 2022

Name of Governor Category of Governor Committee/


Financial or Business Interests Governance roles in other schools
Peter Laws (Chair) Foundation Curriculum, Teaching & Learning, Assessment,Community, Personnel, Finance, Safeguarding and Health & Safety. None None
David Roberts
LA Personnel, Curriculum, Teaching & Learning (English & Maths), KS1 & KS2 Assessment and Safeguarding. None None
Sara Bloor Associate Core Curriculum (English), Teaching & Learning, Assessment  and Safeguarding. None None​
Alex Canning Parent SEND, EYFS, Parent & Community, History, Geography and Homework. None None​
Stephen Canning Parent Pupil Premium, Sports Premium, Premises, Health and Safety, Personnel and Finance   None None
Greer Amison Teacher Sports Premium, Non- Core Curriculum and Emotional Well-being None None